Ohio State Basketball Removes Letter 'M' From Rosters for Michigan Game, Forgets One

By Connor Muldowney
Michigan Ohio State
Getty Images

When it comes to the Michigan Wolverines and Ohio State Buckeyes, not many rivalries are bigger or contain more hate in the country. The Buckeyes and Wolverines are more so rivals in college football, but nothing spells rivalry more than these two teams. In the name of good rivalry, the Ohio State basketball program decided omit the letter “M” from every name and word on the pregame roster handed out to students, trying to take a dig at Michigan.

This was a pretty awesome idea, but it definitely backfired when their own plan went awry. Yes, Ohio State, you forgot all of those hated letters — in the first line, at that.

The roster was supposed to say “Meet The Teams” without any ‘M’s in the entire roster nor the headline, but the Buckeyes basketball program must have overlooked the first line and headline of the roster.

Sure, it may not look terrible because they got most of the ‘M’s, but the fact that an entire athletic department couldn’t catch the biggest one on the entire roster was a little embarrassing. The worst part was that no one caught it — not even the students who received the handout before the game — they all thought it was a pretty awesome thing.

Who knows, maybe saying “_eet The Tea_s” would sound wrong? Whatever the reasoning was for failing at fueling a rivalry was, the Buckeyes better come out with their ‘A’ game next time.

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