Villanova Shows Their Potential In Blowout Win Over DePaul

By Brent Smith
Rob Grabowski- USA TODAY Sports

Villanova‘s biggest strength this year has been the balance that it possesses in its offense. In no game was that more apparent than tonight, as they scored a blazing 87 points in a complete dismantling of DePaul.

When you look at the box score, no one really blows you away with high point totals, there’s no one man show — what you have is an offense that passes the ball with ease and spreads the wealth better than a very charitable millionaire. Yet again, Villanova had four players almost reaching double figures in under 30 minutes and even in a game where recent star James Bell struggled, the rest of the team was able to pick up the slack without a problem.

This game is just a perfect example of what Villanova can be moving forward and why they are in a great position to land a one or two seed in the NCAA tournament. When you have a team that can share the ball as well as this team can and you have a team that has so many weapons, it would make North Korea jealous; you have a team that is poised for a very special run this season. If you stop Bell, you have Ryan Arcidiacono. If you stop JayVaughn Pinkston, you have Darrun Hilliard; simply put, this is not a team that you can easily make a game plan against.

Sure, in the end it is just a win over DePaul, but even in a game where there might have been some overlooking to their big showdown this weekend against Creighton, this Villanova team was able to completely dismantle a DePaul team that had absolutely no answers. Tonight showed the power that Villanova can play with and the balance that will make them a difficult out in the tournament.

DePaul shouldn’t feel bad — very few teams have been able to figure out the very complex, very well run Villanova offense this season.

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