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Bubble Watch: 5 Reasons Why VCU Will Make the Tournament

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Bubble Watch: Reasons Why the Rams Will Make the Tournament

VCU Rams NCAA tournament
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The VCU Rams entered the season by being ranked No. 14 in the AP. The Rams were expected to have one of their best teams yet, but losses to Florida State and Georgetown early on killed their national attention. Regardless, VCU will still make the tournament and I will be giving you five reasons why.

The Rams entered last year’s dance with a No. 5 seed. Meeting up with Michigan in the round of 32 was not the luckiest draw in the world. The Wolverines ended up winning that contest by 25 points. They also went on to play in the national championship.

Coming off of a loss like that, it is hard to believe that VCU had so much hype entering the 2013-14 college basketball season. The reason behind that was the fact that many talented players were coming back.

Plus, Shaka Smart is the head coach and he has done wonders for this team.

Three non-conference losses to unranked opponents never looks good, but the Seminoles and the Hoyas still could make the dance. As for Northern Iowa, well, I got nothing for that because the Rams shouldn’t have lost that contest.

People tend to forget that VCU beat Virginia in just the second game of the season. Not only was that game played on the road for Smart’s team, but the Cavaliers were also ranked in the top 25. They are now one of the best teams in the ACC.

When it comes to making the NCAA tournament, what have you done for me lately plays a big factor. Well, let’s see if the Rams have done anything for the tournament committee lately and let’s see five reasons why they should make the Big Dance.

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Second Place in the Atlantic 10

VCU Rams Atlantic 10
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The Atlantic 10 Conference has a lot of good teams that could end up in the tournament this year. After all, Saint Louis is ranked No. 12. However, teams like George Washington, Saint Joseph’s, Richmond, Massachusetts and Dayton all have a chance to make it as well. Not all of them will, though.

Regardless, VCU is No. 2 in the standings and that alone shows its worth.

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Talent on the Court

VCU Rams
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Treveon Graham and Juvonte Reddic get some respect, but they should be getting a lot more national attention. They both are averaging 12 or more points per game. They both are No. 1 and No. 2 on the team in the scoring department and they are also the top rebounders on the Rams.

Graham and Reddic aren’t alone either.

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RPI and BPI College Basketball
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RPI: 23

BPI: 25

According to ESPN, the Rams are in the top 25 in the RPI and BPI. I try not to get too lost in those bad boys, but if they are accurate, then VCU is a top 25 team. Shouldn’t a top 25 team make the NCAA tournament? Just saying.

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Solid Resume

VCU Rams' resume
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VCU is 20-5 overall and 8-2 in the A 10. The Rams have one bad loss against Northern Iowa, but it was played on the road. The other losses have come against teams that could still make the dance.

VCU has beaten Virginia, Belmont, Dayton, Richmond and George Washington. All five of those teams could be dancing in March.

The Rams have only lost two games since Dec. 14, showing that they have been relevant for the entire second half of the season so far.

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Previous Experience and Success in the Dance

VCU Rams big dance
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It wasn’t long ago when VCU was playing in the Final Four as a No. 11 seed. Actually, it was in 2011. The Rams have made the dance every year since then.

Players like Juvonte Reddic and Rob Brandenberg were actually on that Final Four team and they are now key contributors of this year’s Rams team.

VCU has made it to the round of 32 the past two seasons, but like I said in the intro slide, this could be its best team yet. Previous experience and success could get Smart’s team into the 2014 NCAA tournament alone.