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5 Reasons You Should Fill Out Numerous NCAA Tournament Brackets

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You Should Fill Out Numerous NCAA Tournament Brackets

NCAA tournament brackets
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March. Madness. Just saying those two words should get any sports fan excited about the NCAA tournament. That is especially true towards the end of February and the beginning of March. Well, Selection Sunday is very close which means college basketball fans can start dreaming about a perfect bracket.

Heck, why stop at one bracket, though? Which is why I will be giving you five reasons you should fill out numerous NCAA tournament brackets.

March is the time of year when brackets flood the office. It is the time of year when filling out a piece of paper for countless hours is actually the cool thing to do. Even people who aren’t necessarily sports fans fill out brackets for the Big Dance. It is kind of a big deal.

This year especially. Filling out a perfect bracket could land one lucky fan $1 billion this year.

Although filling out a bracket is one of the most exciting parts of March -- watching the actual tournament is pretty cool too -- it can also make you go crazy once the upsets happen. Sure, we predict major upsets to happen every single year. Just not the right ones.

That is what makes the tourney and filling out a bracket so great. No matter how much a person knows about the sport, no matter how many countless hours a person watches college basketball during the season and no matter how good a person feels about his/her bracket, one upset can ruin it all.

The tournament is so hard to predict. I would rather go with impossible. Maybe not crowning the champion, but the winner of each matchup.

Well, this year go crazy when it comes to filling out brackets. Fill out 100 or more if you would like.

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They’re Free

2014 NCAA tournament brackets
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I guess printing is technically never free, but the filling out of the actual bracket is free and so is downloading the bracket. You can’t beat free, people.

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You Waited All Year For This

March Madness
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Some people may think it is rather strange that you get so excited about writing on a piece of paper every single March, but you waited all year for that.

The NCAA tournament only happens once a year. Therefore, filling out brackets only takes place once a year.

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There is No Such Thing As a Perfect Bracket

2014 NCAA tournament brackets
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You may think you have the perfect bracket before the first game tips off, but that changes in a hurry. There is no such thing as a perfect bracket. You are bound to lose at least one game. Or 20, but who’s counting?

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So You Can Pick Your Alma Mater That Has No Chance of Winning

Big Dance
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Your alma mater is finally in the Big Dance. So what if you went to a small school. You can finally pick it to win the NCAA tournament.

Only filling out one bracket may result in you going against the school you went to. If you fill out multiple brackets, you can even pencil your team in as national champs! And then when it actually happens, you can say that you called it and actually have proof of that.

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You Love College Basketball

College Basketball
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You love college basketball. Since you love college basketball, the many matchup possibilities gets you very excited. You want to see team A play team B, but team C against team D would also be a great watch.

Well, by filling out numerous brackets, you can make those matchups come to life...on paper.

Regardless, you waited all year for this moment and you are a huge fan of college basketball. Selection Sunday has you more excited for the tournament than you were for your actual wedding. The only way to show that excitement is by crunching out bracket after bracket.

By all means, please do!