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NCAA Tournament 2014: 10 Top 25 Teams That Don’t Deserve No. 1 Seed

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10 Top 25 Teams That Don’t Deserve No. 1 Seed

2014 NCAA tournament No. 1 seeds
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Predicting the No. 1 seeds for the 2014 NCAA tournament may seem easy right now, but that is far from the case. Sure, Florida, Syracuse, Wichita State and Arizona are all very deserving, but if any of those teams ended up not winning their conference -- which could actually happen -- would that team still be considered a No. 1 seed? Exactly my point.

So, we will be looking at 10 top 25 teams that don’t deserve a No. 1 seed. No matter how amazing they could possibly finish down the stretch.

Believe it or not, the four No. 1 seeds are very much up for grabs. A number of Big Ten teams could earn a No. 1 seed by winning the regular season title and conference tournament and the same thing can be said about the Big 12.

There are so many talented basketball teams this season. Although that is the case every single year, there may not be a favorite in the 2014 NCAA tournament. There will be many favorites, though.

Two teams on this list were ranked in the top five entering the season. Those two teams clearly entered the season with very high expectations, but have not met them. However, both would safely be in the tournament if the season ended today.

Well, read on to see 10 top 25 teams that don’t deserve a No. 1 seed. These teams are currently ranked in the top 25 and there is probably nothing they can do to earn a No. 1 seed. Not even winning out would help their cause of earning a top seed. Well, maybe. Regardless, these 10 teams are not worthy as of right now.

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Louisville Cardinals (22-4, 11-2 AAC)

Louisville Cardinals
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Louisville has a great overall record and conference record, but it is not about that. The defending national champs had a very weak non-conference schedule. Sure, the Cardinals took on North Carolina and Kentucky, but they lost both games.

Their best wins have come against Connecticut and SMU -- two good wins. Their overall resume is not deserving of a No. 1 seed and it is really that simple.

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UCLA Bruins (21-5, 10-3 Pac-12)

UCLA Bruins
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UCLA is another team that did not challenge itself in its out-of-conference schedule. The Bruins did play Missouri and Duke, but lost both contests.

There is a chance that UCLA wins the Pac-12 regular season title -- one game back in the standings -- but there is no way that it is going to capture a No. 1 seed over Arizona.

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Gonzaga Bulldogs (23-4, 13-1 WCC)

Gonzaga Bulldogs
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Gonzaga has played one ranked team this season and it lost that game. Sure, the Bulldogs took on Memphis on the road, but a loss is a loss. And, once again, the Bulldogs only played ONE ranked team.

Gonzaga did play Kansas State -- lost that game too -- but the Wildcats have been in and out of the rankings and are currently not ranked.

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Virginia Cavaliers (22-5, 13-1 ACC)

Virginia Cavaliers
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Virginia challenged itself in its non-conference schedule, but its biggest victory was against SMU. It lost four times before ACC play. Those four teams -- VCU, Wisconsin, Green Bay and Tennessee -- could end up in the tourney, but still.

The Cavaliers have been great in ACC play, but they have an easy ACC schedule. If that is even possible.

They only play Duke, North Carolina, Pittsburgh and Syracuse one time each. They lost to Duke, beat Pittsburgh and North Carolina and still have to play Syracuse. I just can’t picture the Cavaliers earning a No. 1 seed over Duke and Syracuse. I am sure the tournament committee will think that way as well.

Plus, the Blue Devils and Orange are in much better positions when it comes to earning a top seed as of right now.

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Connecticut Huskies (20-5, 8-4 AAC)

Connecticut Huskies
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Connecticut has a huge win over Florida. So what if the Gators were not at full strength, the victory still shows up on the resume.

Unfortunately, the Huskies are not the best team in the AAC. They are four games out of first and there is no way that this conference is going to get two No. 1 seeds which is the case with almost every conference. The AAC may not even get one No. 1 seed.

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Kentucky Wildcats (20-6, 10-3 SEC)

Kentucky Wildcats
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I applaud Kentucky for challenging itself so much in its non-conference schedule. The Wildcats played Michigan State (lost), Providence (won), Baylor (lost), Boise State (won), North Carolina (lost), Belmont (won) and Louisville (won).

However, they trail Florida by three games in the SEC standings and they aren’t going to catch up.

This could still be a dangerous team come tournament time, but the talented Wildcats are not worthy of a No. 1 seed.

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Texas Longhorns (20-6, 9-4 Big 12)

Texas Longhorns
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There are probably two teams in the Big 12 that could still capture a No. 1 seed and Texas most likely is not one of them. The Longhorns beat North Carolina in their non-conference schedule, but that is it.

Texas has been great in Big 12 play, but Kansas is in a great position right now when it comes to earning a No. 1 seed. Maybe if the Longhorns knock off the Jayhawks again and win the conference tournament, then they would earn a No. 1 seed. I just don’t see both of those things happening, though.

College basketball does get a little crazy from time to time, so who knows.

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Ohio State Buckeyes (21-6, 8-6 Big Ten)

Ohio State Buckeyes
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If Ohio State wins out during the regular season, somehow wins the Big Ten regular season title and conference tournament, then they will earn a No. 1 seed.

Does anyone really see all three happening? I sure don’t.

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Memphis Tigers (19-6, 8-4 AAC)

Memphis Tigers
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Memphis is a great basketball team, but it is currently tied for fourth in the AAC standings. The fourth place team in any conference is not going to earn a No. 1 seed.

No. 1 seeds are given out to the best teams in college hoops entering the tourney. The Tigers do not fit that description.

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Saint Louis Billikens (24-2, 11-0 A 10)

Saint Louis Billikens
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Saint Louis has only lost two games on the season. To Wisconsin by six and to Wichita State by five.

The Billikens really have played well all season long and they are undefeated in an underrated Atlantic 10 Conference.

However, they have not beaten a single ranked opponent (at the time) and a lot of teams in front of them have to lose --multiple times -- if there is any hope of them earning a No. 1 seed.