Notre Dame Basketball Shows Progress In Win Over Georgia Tech

By Brent Smith
Matt Cashore – USA TODAY Sports

Notre Dame started the game 5-18 shooting and fell into a deep crater that seemed impossible to dig out of, as they have in so many games this season. This time, however, they managed to find the shovel.

Why does Notre Dame constantly decide that the first 10 minutes of games don’t matter? Do they need some extra time to digest food they ate just before tip? I guess when you are as good as Notre Dame is in the other 30 minutes, you can afford such sloppy starts; when Notre Dame hits the second half of games as of late, they hit the ground running, and that is the ultimate sign of quality coaching.

This team has always been prideful and when they fall down, they are usually pretty good at getting back up and being competitive. Tonight, the Fighting Irish finally proved to themselves that they can not only comeback in games, but that they can also hold onto those games and grab ACC conference wins. It is a lesson that will help Notre Dame big time as they head into this final stretch, where each game is going to be tight, and each game in the ACC tournament could be their final game of the season. Notre Dame may not have the record they thought they would at this point, but fans can be proud of the effort this team continues to pour in nightly.

Only time will tell if this current stretch helps them in the ACC tournament, but for a team that has routinely come up just short of wins, this win over Georgia Tech is something the team can refer to in what they need to do in order to win basketball games in one of the toughest conferences in all of college basketball.

Some will say it was Georgia Tech who blew this game and even if that is the case, tonight was a big night for Notre Dame moving forward.

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