NCAA Tournament 2014: The 10 Perks Of Having A Perfect Bracket

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The Perfect Bracket

NCAA Tournament
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Besides people growing mustaches, March is most closely related with NCAA Basketball .

If you have never completed a bracket for March Madness, you are missing out on one of the most exciting events in all of sports. You may not be a huge college basketball fan or even a basketball fan, but everyone should complete a bracket at least once in their life.

A non-basketball fan may have always wondered what the big deal was about this tournament. For starters, college basketball is filled with some of the most dedicated and hardworking athletes of any sport. Most of these student-athletes will never go on to the NBA, and you see these young players leave their heart out on the court. You may not remember the last time you saw a professional athlete actually cry after a game, but you will see plenty of joy and broken hearts in March.

You will be dominated in a fantasy football league if you do not follow the NFL, but the NCAA Tournament allows anyone a chance at picking a winning bracket. Everyone from your 12-year-old cousin, to your girlfriend who picks teams based on uniform colors has a chance to win.

This is almost the sports equivalent to a holiday, and the NCAA Tournament is like watching A Christmas Story with slightly different endings all day. It may be overwhelming if it was on every single weekend, but you are allowed to overindulge because it is only once a year.

Even with everything mentioned above, I still have not talked about the most alluring aspect of the tournament; the perfect bracket. The odds of a perfect bracket are astronomical, but every single person who fills one out has a chance to become a legend. Sure, the team you pick to win it all may be knocked out in the first round, but the idea of the perfect bracket is one of the most enticing concepts in all of sports.

If you find yourself lucky enough to have picked every single game correctly, you will have some amazing benefits to look forward to.

Here are 10 perks of having a perfect bracket in the 2014 NCAA Tournament.

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10. Defied The Odds

NCAA Tournament Perfect Bracket
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The chances of picking a perfect bracket are nearly impossible. If you are able to overcome those odds, make sure you take a trip to Las Vegas immediately.

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9. Become A Ladies Man

Kate Upton Basketball
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Whether it is to impress people at work or to try and show-up an ex-boyfriend, there are always plenty of women looking for advice on picking teams for the tournament. You never know when Kate Upton may need help in filling out her final-four selections.

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8. Unlimited Bragging Rights

NCAA Basketball
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For the rest of your life, you will be the person who picked the perfect bracket. You are entitled to unlimited bragging rights for life.

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7. Charge For Advice

Athlete Money
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You picked a perfect bracket, so why not charge people for your advice in next year's tournament?

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6. Parlay Success

Dennis Rodman Basketball
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From writing a book to appearing in commercials, you have an opportunity to capitalize on your success. A perfect bracket won't allow you to become the next restaurant or casino mogul. However, you will have plenty of opportunities for success.

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5. Free Stuff

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You are out at a bar, and someone finds out you picked a perfect bracket. You might get punched in the face out of jealousy, but you also might score a few free drinks from admirers. There will be plenty of people and businesses that want to bask in your success, so make sure to score some free stuff.

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4. Your Picks Will Never Be Mocked

Lolo Jones Laughing
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No one will ever be able to laugh at your picks again. You can pick a 16th seed to win everything, but everyone will have to keep their mouths shut.

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3. Instant Expert

NCAA Basketball
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You picked the perfect bracket, so you have to be some kind of expert. You might even be able to create a job for yourself under that idea.

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2. 15 Minutes Of Fame

NCAA Basketball
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From going on talk shows to appearing on your local news, you will be a celebrity for a few weeks. Don't let it go to your head.

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1. Warren Buffet Money

Warren Buffet
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How would you like a billion dollars? If you win Warren Buffet's perfect bracket challenge, you will never have to work another day in your life. How is that for a perk?



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