Bill Walton Does it Again, Confuses Richard Sherman for Bob Marley

By Connor Muldowney
Bill Walton
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Bill Walton has done it again, for the second time in a single telecast on ESPN, the Pac-12 basketball personality made the viewers sit there, shake their heads and ask what exactly is wrong with him. Later on in the game between the Stanford Cardinal and Colorado Buffaloes on Wednesday night, Walton had no idea who Andrew Luck was. Earlier in the game, this happened:

Yes, Walton, one of the NBA‘s most legendary players, mistook Richard Sherman for Bob Marley. Leave it to Walton to mistake one of the NFL‘s biggest superstars for a guy who made his life in the 1960s and 1970s way more enjoyable because of just his dreadlocks.

It’s safe to say Walton knows nothing about the NFL or any other sport outside of NBA and college basketball. Dave Pasch, his partner on air has to be shaking his head at all times. I couldn’t imagine doing a broadcast with a guy who knows nothing about any other sport — even two of the most popular NFL players and guys that went to Stanford.

Walton doesn’t really surprise us with his confusion with any other word than basketball, but it’s always something that causes a “shake my head” moment.

It’s hard to see Walton being a very positive role model off the court with all of the marijuana he likely consumes. It has been widely known for a while — since Walton was in college with the UCLA Bruins — that he likes to use the drug for recreational purposes.

This is just Bill being Bill.

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