Bill Walton Has Absolutely No Idea Who Indianapolis Colts QB Andrew Luck is

By Connor Muldowney
Bill Walton
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College basketball needs guys like Bill Walton to keep things interesting. There are plenty of solid college basketball broadcasters who we are used to listening to when we tune into games, mostly on ESPN. In fact, Dick Vitale might be the most popular college sports broadcaster in the nation and he dominates college basketball broadcasts. Walton is on the other end of the spectrum, but interesting nonetheless.

Walton speaks his mind, even when it doesn’t completely make sense. The guy seems like the ultimate college pothead who happened to be a famous basketball player and current color commentator. He’s that one uncle that seems like he’s still stuck in the 1970s and has never really grown up.

With all of those obliterated brain cells, Walton has grown into a basketball-only type of sports personality and it showed on Wednesday night during a Stanford Cardinal vs. Colorado Buffaloes Pac-12 matchup. Fellow announcer Dave Pasch spotted Indianapolis Colts QB Andrew Luck in the stands during the game and asked Walton what he thought of the former Stanford QB.

What happened next was priceless:

As soon as the camera flashed to Luck, Walton went into a state of confusion. Like a “who is this, what am I doing here?” type of confusion.

Pasch even brought up that the caveman look-a-like quarterback played for Indianapolis Colts and Walton just offered up an awkward laugh and a cue to move right back on to the game.

Maybe Walton just doesn’t watch the NFL, but as an ESPN broadcaster, you would think the guy would know one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL, and a former Pac-12 athlete at that.

You keep being a hippie, Bill.

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