Predicting the Entire Pac-12 Conference Tournament Bracket

By Brendan Patel
Gary Vasquez - USA TODAY Sports
Gary Vasquez – USA TODAY Sports

With the Pac-12 Conference tournament starting on Wednesday, March 12, here is an early prediction for how the tournament will go.

Round One

9. Washington vs. 8. Utah
12. USC vs. 5. Colorado
10. Oregon State vs. 7. Oregon
11. Washington State vs. 6. Stanford

Washington will be the only lower-ranked team to win the first day in a close game against Utah, as Colorado, Stanford and Oregon will have little trouble winning their games. Oregon State, Washington State and USC will not compete for any other postseason tournaments and will look to rebuild in the offseason.

Round Two

9. Washington vs. 1. Arizona
5. Colorado vs. 4. California
7. Oregon vs. 2. UCLA
6. Stanford vs. 3. Arizona State

Arizona will easily win their first game, while California and Colorado will battle it out until the end. Red-hot Oregon will upset UCLA in a great game, but UCLA will use the early loss as motivation during the NCAA tournament. Arizona State will beat Stanford in the last game, leaving Stanford to wait at home and hope for a tournament bid.


4. California vs. 1. Arizona
7. Oregon vs. 3. Arizona State

California needs this victory to have a chance at a tournament bid, and will again do the unthinkable in beating Arizona in an absolute thriller. Oregon’s winning streak will continue as they enter the Pac-12 title game for the second straight year by easily beating Arizona State.


4. California vs. 7. Oregon

Oregon will win the tournament for the second straight year and earn the league’s automatic bid. Mike Moser will take home the tournament MVP honors after a great tournament, and Oregon will ride their momentum into a strong NCAA tournament campaign.

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