Delusional Kentucky Wildcats Fan Gets 2014 National Champions Tattoo

By Connor Muldowney
Getty Images

Have you ever met a Kentucky Wildcats basketball fan? Sure, they are nice people and know what they are talking about, unless they bring up basketball, of course. I’m not saying all Wildcats fans are biased and delusional, but this fan certainly fits the bill of the stereotype most Kentucky fans would like to shake.

What fan am I talking about? Oh, you know, just the one that got a tattoo of an accomplishment that the Wildcats have yet to achieve. Check out exactly what I’m talking about in this picture below:

This could go down as one of the worst tattoos in the history of tattooing. The guy clearly has no shame as he is posting the picture and saying “people are gonna hate, but I still got faith” while receiving criticism from people around the internet.

Okay, this isn’t just stupid because Kentucky is having a poor season, but it’s stupid because no team is guaranteed a national title in college basketball — no matter how much faith you “got” in them.

Heck, I would be criticizing a fan of the Florida Gators if they had the same tattoo etched into their skin like this idiot did.

Hey guys, don’t worry, they are still going to win the national title because Tyrone thinks they will. You hear that, John Calipari and Julius Randle? You have to win now because this guy’s tattoo depends on it.

Idiotic move.

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