NCAA Tournament: Villanova Wildcats Will Not Make It To Sweet 16

NCAA Tournament

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

There are virtually three locks for number-one seeds in the upcoming NCAA tournament. The fourth number-one seed has been up for grabs for a while now. Coming into today the Villanova Wildcats were the projected fourth number-one seed. After their stunning loss to the the Seton Hall Pirates, Villanova won’t get that number-one seed. But they also won’t be making a deep run in this year’s tournament.

Villanova isn’t going to a final four. In fact they won’t even make it to the sweet 16. The best team Villanova has played in conference play was the Creighton Bluejays and they lost to them twice. Their non-conference schedule is ranked 51st in the country. Their best non-conference win was against St. Joes. But wait a second, we are talking about them as a number-one seed?

This Villanova team has striking similarities to last year’s Georgetown Hoyas team. If you remember, and I am guessing you do, Georgetown lost to last year’s cinderella, the Florida Gulf Coast Eagles. Both teams were very overrated going into the tournament. They didn’t have a lot of offensive talent but scored well because of the opponents they played.

If we have learned anything from this year it is to expect the unexpected. Villanova is one of the high seeds that will not get to to the final four. They will be the team this year that gets upset very early in the tournament. Villanova will not make it to the sweet 16 and you can take that to the bank.


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  • Matthew Sturgeon

    Beat Kansas and Iowa in the non-conference…come on man, do a little research

    • Brandon Fitzpatrick

      Iowa- Lost in a play in game.
      Kansas- Lost in round of 32.
      Nova- Lost in round of 32.

  • Justin Kundrat

    Just a terrible article… I came to this site because this article was linked and I’ll never be back. Poorly researched.

    • Brandon Fitzpatrick

      If you want to see people make accurate predictions you should read my stuff more.

      • Justin Kundrat

        Not criticizing the prediction, criticizing the inaccuracy of the supporting logic.

  • RPGambit

    Who wrote this? A two year old. Must have been a Joes fan overrating their team.

    • Brandon Fitzpatrick

      Whats up? Round of 32 exit?

  • Esteban

    In addition to beating Iowa, Villanova beat 4 OOC conference champions: Kansas (actually, its best OOC win), St. Joes, Mt. St Mary’s and Deleware. They also beat the BE tourney champs (Providence) twice. Good strategy though…….gotta get page views.

    • Brandon Fitzpatrick

      Got some views. And guessed it correctly.