2014 NCAA Tournament: Kansas Loss Hands Villanova No. 1 Seed

By Phil Naegely
Villanova Basketball No. 1 seed
Howard Smith-USA Today

Before Friday’s 2014 conference tournament games, bracketology experts were split on whether or not Villanova would secure a No. 1 seed for the 2014 NCAA tournament. Well, after Kansas‘ 94-83 loss to Iowa State, Villanova will now scoop up the fourth and final No. 1 seed.

I understand Villanova exited early from the Big East tournament, but it will not matter. Barring any more upsets, the Florida Gators, Wichita State and Arizona Wildcats will be the other three No. 1 seeds.

Many are probably thinking, “but what about UVA?” What about them? The Cavaliers are still alive in the ACC tournament, but powerhouses like Syracuse and North Carolina have been bounced. If University of Virginia does end up winning the ACC automatic qualifier, it will not be enough to go above Villanova for the fourth No. 1 seed. This is unless some major upsets happen to the other expected top seeds.

Villanova currently holds a 28-4 record. Two of those losses were to Creighton, while the other two were against the Orange and Seton Hall. With that being said, they have quality wins against Kansas and the Iowa Hawkeyes.

With all that in mind, Jay Wright can rest easy knowing a No. 1 seed is basically guaranteed. At the same time, the same can’t be said about the Wildcats making a deep tournament run into the Sweet 16 and beyond. Realistically, I do not see them struggling in their first round match, but their second round matchup could lead to the team’s fifth loss.

All in all, Kansas losing made the 2014 NCAA tournament selection committee’s job a little easier. The No. 1 seeds are set unless more upsets occur Saturday and/or Sunday. No matter what occurs, Villanova will be announced as a No. 1 seed come Selection Sunday.

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