2014 NCAA Tournament: Louisville No. 4 Seed Shows Selection Committee's Disrespect of AAC

By Phil Naegely
Louisville 2014 NCAA Tournament
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Selection Sunday has many fans scratching their heads over some baffling seed decisions and the last four teams in and out. Among them, the selection committee’s decision to place the Louisville Cardinals in the bracket as a No. 4 seed sticks out like a sore thumb.

Louisville did not deserve one of the four No. 1 seeds. They rightfully went to Florida, Arizona, Wichita State and ACC champions Virginia. However, I don’t see how the Cardinals fell all the way to a No. 4 seed.

In case the Selection Committee was sleeping, let’s remind them of how Louisville dominated through the AAC Championship. To begin their conference postseason action, Louisville destroyed Rutgers 92-31. The Cardinals then defeated Houston 94-65 and then won the AAC title by rolling comfortably past University of Connecticut 71-61. The Cardinals did not struggle one bit reaching the big dance, and coach Pitino thought they deserved the No. 1 seed.

Well, it seems like the Selection Committee slept through the weekend games, put seed numbers into a hat and randomly selected one to attach to Louisville. It could have been worse, Cardinals fans. The Selection Committee could have selected a lower seed like No. 10. If that happened, then there might have been a riot.

The decision shows that the committee does not respect the AAC. Maybe Louisville should have stayed in the new-look Big East Conference rather than jumping with others to the newly-created AAC.

Nonetheless, Louisville should be angry by the committee’s disrespect of both their team and conference. However, they should take it out on their first opponent No. 13 seed Manhattan rather than on Instagram or other social media sites. That said, anything short of a Sweet 16 appearance will not teach the Selection Committee anything, and will prove to them that the No. 4 seed was a correct call for Louisville.

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