ESPN’s Rat Bracket Might Be The Dumbest Thing Yet

2014 NCAA Tournament

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The NCAA Tournament is great. It’s the best tournament in all of sports. Everyone and their mother fills out a bracket, and it’s really just good old fashioned fun.

Filling out a bracket is not easy. With 68 teams in the tournament field these days, it’s impossible to get all the games right. Just ask Warren Buffett.

But there’s good news sports fans — ESPN has created the ultimate fun and cute way to fill out a bracket. We all know that nothing says fun quite like watching rats run around a maze. Rats? That’s right, rats.

Here’s the latest ‘gem’ from the folks at the world-wide leader, Rat Bracket:

If you feel like some of your brain cells were just killed off, that’s normal.

I get it, they just came up with an ‘outside the box’ way to fill out a bracket and a television segment. That’s fine. I personally would have picked puppies or basically any animal other than a rat, but hey, I guess they’re the experts at getting around mazes.

The truly frightening thing is that Rat Bracket is tremendously popular. ESPN is currently the number one trend on Google, with over 1 million searches. Rat Bracket is the lead story.

Are you kidding me?

As with many viral trends these days, I just don’t get it. Rat Bracket isn’t that cool of a concept. Rats are disgusting and they certainly have no place in, around or near the game of basketball.

They should have gone with puppies.


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  • Guest

    Rats are awesome and you suck for judging them Andrew Fisher. Rats are disgusting and they should have used puppies instead? Were you wearing a dress when you wrote this article?

  • Paul Bird

    Rats are awesome, and you shouldn’t be so quick to judge them Andrew Fisher. If you want to use puppies for something, maybe you should have some write this article for you so that maybe it would have some substance.