2014 NCAA Tournament: Madness, Dayton Style

By Carlton Chin
Dayton Flyers Basketball
Kevin Hoffman – USA TODAY Sports

Well, there won’t be any newly-minted billionaires from this year’s March Madness brackets. It took less than two days of madness to ensure that no entry would win the 2014 Quicken Loans perfect bracket contest. Happily, Quicken Loans will still pay $100,000 to the top twenty brackets.

Now that talk of perfect brackets and Warren Buffet’s billion dollars will die down, NCAA Tournament pool participants will focus on winning their office pools. Interestingly, the goals of “going for perfect brackets” and “winning office pools” can sometimes lead to different selections.

As we get set to finalize the Sweet Sixteen, some fans will prepare to complete their Sweet Sixteen pool entries. Again, our advice is to expect the unexpected. We will come out with our list of value selections once the Sweet Sixteen is determined. In the meantime, here are some tournament highlights to date.

The top teams have not dominated the lower seeds as much as expected. Three No. 12 seeds and two No. 11 seeds advanced to the round of 32. The biggest upset of the tournament included the No. 3 seed Duke Blue Devils losing to the No. 14 seed Mercer Bears 78-71.

In addition, about half of all games for the top three seeds were decided in favor of the better seed by 12 points or less in the round of 64. This is much lower than expected, especially for the No. 1 and No 2. seeds in the first round.

The madness of the tournament continued Saturday evening with the No. 11 seed Dayton Flyers taking out the No. 3 seed Syracuse Orangemen. Just a month ago, the Orangemen were the No. 1 team in the nation. The Flyers are currently this year’s Cinderella story.


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