Charles Barkley Clowns Shaq During 2014 NCAA Tournament Halftime Show

By Andrew Fisher
Charles Barkley
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Charles Barkley always has something to say. He sometimes gets flack for speaking his mind, but hey, at least he doesn’t sugarcoat everything like some basketball analysts. Barkley isn’t for everyone, but if you like to laugh during halftime and postgame shows, he’s your guy.

That brings us to Thursday night’s broadcast of the 2014 NCAA Tournament. Barkley was working the halftime show with Kenny Smith, Clark Kellogg and Greg Gumbel, when this hilarious couple of minutes happened after a tweet from Shaquille O’Neal arrived:

I’m glad he said it, because we were all thinking it — Shaq is in way too many commercials.

Barkley was also at it with comments towards Boomer Esiason. Gumbel was listing some people who hadn’t quite made it yet back in 1984 (the last time Dayton made the Elite Eight), and he mentioned Barkley and Esiason. Barkley quickly remarked that he has way more money than the former QB.

As it turns out, Barkley is worth about twice as much as Boomer ($30 million to $15 million). But when it comes to Shaq, Barkley wasn’t kidding. He would cry if he had the Chuckster’s bank account — O’Neal is reportedly worth $250 million.

When researching that, I discovered that he recently bought a ‘modest’ $250,000 home. The article said that despite his massive net worth, he settled for a modest five-bedroom home. However, I think we can all safely assume that Shaq owns more than one house.

My theory is that he’s saving up to become a majority NBA owner someday.


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