2014 Final Four: The SEC Once Again Shows Athletic Dominance

By Jason Love
Florida vs. Kentucky SEC
Dale Zanine – USATODAY Sports

The Final Four is set. Florida, Connecticut, Kentucky and Wisconsin have battled all season long and worked their way onto America’s biggest stage. But I feel like I’ve seen this before. There’s something about these teams that’s giving me déjà vu. Oh, that’s it; I figured it out. It’s a NCAA National Title event, so of course it will be dominated by the SEC.

Being an American Athletic Conference kind of guy, I am naturally pulling for this year’s Cinderella, UConn. But, looking at the matchup, I would be extremely surprised if the Huskies were able to beat the mighty Gators with their impressive 36-2 record.  Likewise, I find it difficult to believe that Wisconsin won’t be overwhelmed by the power and might of Kentucky. Especially after the New Age Fab Five or Fab Six freshmen willed themselves through the NCAA version of the “Group of Death”.

I believe a week from today we will see another NCAA Title game ending in the coronation of another SEC Champion. The SEC has dominated football for so long we all simply just wait to see which of its teams will end up in the title game.  Now that we have a playoff in college football, we should all brace ourselves for a run of NCAA Championship Football games involving two SEC teams.  But who would have thought SEC basketball would do it first?

Florida and Kentucky will face each other in the National Championship on Monday, and it makes perfect sense. Florida has been the dominant team all season, and the Wildcats are the most talented team in the country. To win the National Championship, the Gators are going to have beat Kentucky for the fourth straight time this season. I don’t think that’s going to happen, so look for Kentucky to lift the trophy on Monday night. But either way it’s going to be an all SEC affair, and that’s something we all need to start getting used to.

Jason Love is a writer for Rant Sports. You can follow him on Twitter @Jslworks12

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