Mike Prey Pulls Awkward April Fools' Day Prank on Interviewers

By Connor Muldowney
Mike Brey
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As we all know, today is April 1, meaning that April Fools’ pranking is going to be very prominent all day long. In fact, sports have to be one of the areas where pranking is very prevalent. Notre Dame Fighting Irish head coach Mike Brey decided to pull a prank while being interviewed by Campus Insiders’ Jordan Cornette.

Brey was asked multiple questions about the NCAA Tournament this year and who he thought would win it all. You could tell by his tone and some of his answers that he was openly frustrated by the lack of solid questions — or so he put it.

While the questions aren’t nearly as bad as Brey made them out to seem, he pulled an awesome April Fools’ prank on Cornette. Check it out for yourself:

What makes this interview prank between the 14-year Notre Dame head coach and Cornette even more amazing is that Cornette actually played for Brey in the coach’s second season at the school in 2001 through 2005.

Brey’s former player seemed so confused and worried that he possibly ticked off his former coach and scared him off because of a “terrible question” that seemed to have set him off.

The best part is that Bret alluded to the questions being subpar at the beginning of the interview, not just randomly getting angry and storming off. You could tell, however, that Cornette had no idea what to do and the awkwardness in the situation was almost painful to watch.

Brey might have had a poor season in Notre Dame’s first year in the ACC(15-17, 6-12), but he still has enough of a sense of humor to joke around.

Awesome stuff.

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