Michael Jordan Has An Amazing North Carolina Themed Golf Cart

By Andrew Fisher
Michael Jordan
Getty Images

Michael Jordan has it all in this world. The man is made of money and there are very few items he can’t acquire if he really wants them. That’ll happen when you’re the greatest basketball player in history and the most marketable athlete of all time.

Of all the things that have made MJ money over the years, his line of shoes still continues to be his cash cow. The Jumpman logo is no doubt recognizable across the globe. But until now, I don’t know if it’s ever been included on something this cool:

Even if you hate the North Carolina Tar Heels, you have to admit that this is a sweet golf cart. Custom leather seats with an ‘MJ’ on them, chrome wheels and one heck of a paint job. It also appears to have a tinted roof and I’ll bet there’s come kind of cooler hidden inside it as well…

As for Jordan’s other day job as the owner of the Charlotte Bobcats, it’s going much better than in year’s past. The Bobcats are currently set to make the playoffs as the seventh seed, and if they clinch a spot, it will mark just the second time in franchise history that they’ve made the postseason.

However, basketball fans in Charlotte are already looking ahead to next season when the Hornets return. The Bobcats will become a thing of the past and the Hornets, with their fan favorite teal and purple color scheme, will return to the NBA.

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