NCAA Championship 2014: Fab Five 2.0 Must Return Next Season to Make Another Run

By Joseph Crevier

The NCAA national championship game ended in absolutely disappointing fashion for the Fab Five 2.0’s season as the Kentucky Wildcats fell to the UConn Huskies 60-54.

Despite never leading in the game, the Wildcats hung around all game long, never taking advantage of UConn’s numerous scoring droughts. Inexperience was a glaring issue as the team completely folded in the final minutes of the game. Now, the future of the Wildcats is in question with the NBA Draft approaching.

Usually, after losing a championship, the coach is able to tell their teams “we’ll get it next year”, or “let’s try again next season”, but players like Julius Randle, Andrew Harrison and Aaron Harrison will likely give heavy consideration to the idea of leaving to declare for the draft. However, with so much unexpected success in this year’s NCAA tournament, these players should all get together and decide to come back for one last run.

Kentucky has a solid team from top to bottom. From the guards to the big men, this team is equipped to win a championship. Unfortunately, rookie mistakes are common amongst 18 and 19-year-olds who have never played under such tremendous pressure. Randle was injured, the Harrisons played a little bit beyond themselves, and the team was never able to get a full grasp on the game.

Let’s not forget that Michigan‘s Fab Five did not win it in their first shot; heck, they didn’t even win it the second time around. If this group decides to leave, so be it; but if they decide to stay, they will have the opportunity to sharpen up their game to further prepare themselves for another run.

The NBA Draft will always be there. Barring any serious injuries, these players should have no difficulty finding a spot on a team’s roster when finally making the decision. What is limited though, is the chance to win a NCAA national championship. Because the turnover in college basketball is so constant, most players are unable to experience such a fantastic event.

Therefore, this group must return for one more season to put the cherry on top of what has been a complete roller coaster ride for each player.

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