Tom Izzo Gives Emotional Speech About Lacey Holsworth at Michigan State's Campus Rock

By Connor Muldowney
Tom Izzo Adreian Payne
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It has been a tough couple of days for those who are associated with Michigan State and Lacey Holsworth. Even if you have never met the young cancer fighter or aren’t even associated with Michigan State, you were rooting for Princess Lacey. Michigan State senior and basketball star Adreian Payne was especially close with Lacey and the news hit him very hard.

Lacey was diagnosed with nueroblastoma in December of 2011 after complaining of an injury after dancing lessons. In just a short time, she befriended Payne who was visiting the children’s hospital and the rest was history.

The two developed an unbreakable bond and it seemed to get stronger throughout the years. Unfortunately, her passing snuck up on everyone, including Tom Izzo, the team and her family. She was just eight years old.

On Wednesday night, on the same day of her passing, Tom Izzo met a handful of students at The Rock — a campus gathering place in which people paint messages — sometimes just event messages — on a giant boulder. He even made this eye-opening comment: “I have never been prouder of a group of students.”

By a handful of students, I mean hundreds of students that took time out of their busy schedules and away from studying to unite in honor of the little girl who changed hundreds of lives.

Watch Coach Izzo’s speech here:

Izzo gave a phenomenal speech to the hundreds of students who miss their little hero. He even told the story of how she said it was time to go home, while pointing to the sky.

Watching Izzo get all choked up about this shows that there are more important things in life than sports. Stories like this touch hearts everywhere and Lacey was a bigger influence on people than she ever even realized.


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