Duke's Jabari Parker Returning for Sophomore Season Might be Smarter Than People Think

By Connor Muldowney
Jabari Parker
Getty Images

The good news is rolling in for Duke Blue Devils fans around the nation as it has been rumored that Jabari Parker has applied for sophomore housing, making it known that he’s strongly considering a return to the school. If Parker does decide that he wants to return, it might be a smarter decision than people give him credit for.

Why do I say that?

Take a look at all the “why would he do that?” and “he’d be stupid to stay” comments made in the past couple of days. These comments hold no bearing. People are writing him off, calling him “stupid” for wanting to stay in college. Who would have thought that’d be the case these days?

He’s a guaranteed top-three pick in this year’s draft, why would he stay for his sophomore season? I will tell you why he probably thinks it’s a smart choice — and why you should think so, too.

Parker will be a top-three pick whenever he does decide to hit the NBA draft. Why not enjoy another season in college? I mean, college is supposed to be the best time of your life, right? The star obviously wants to enjoy his last remaining time of being a “college kid” and not have it ended way before he wants it to because everyone else thinks he should leave.

Another reason he doesn’t want to go, I’m assuming, is because the kid comes from a good family and he actually values education. Let’s fault him for being so good at basketball he could go pro and make millions right away, but he wants to get another year of education. Makes sense, right? Wrong.

This couldn’t be a better situation for college basketball if he stays. The NCAA gets a bad rap for having athletes just go to college as a stepping stone to the NBA. If Jabari stays, it shows that some are actually valuing their time in college, not dreading it.

I hope Jabari stays, and you should, too. Ultimately, it’s his decision to make, not ours. If he wants to wait a year or two to make millions, so be it.

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