Kentucky Head Coach John Calipari Belongs in College Basketball

By Trevor Lowry
John Calipari Kentucky
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Coaching for the Los Angeles Lakers is probably many people’s dream job, but coaching for the Kentucky Wildcats probably isn’t too bad of a gig either. Recently, there have been rumors about John Calipari and the vacant Lakers coaching job. Well, Calipari does not need to follow his players by making the leap to the pros. Calipari belongs in college basketball.

He has recruited some very, very talented players while coaching for the Wildcats. Here are a few: John Wall, DeMarcus CousinsAnthony Davis, Julius Randle, Nerlens Noel and so many other great talents. He is a five-star recruiting machine.

No other coach is as good in that department. Although Calipari is a great coach when it comes to the coaching aspect, one of his biggest advantages is recruiting. There is not a whole lot of recruiting going on at the NBA level. So, Calipari would essentially lose his best weapon by simply making the leap.

Not to mention, Calipari has had a lot of success in college hoops. He may only have one championship, but he has made the title game a couple of times and has coached some great teams into the NCAA tournament.

Calipari is already the biggest name (maybe) in college basketball. He would have to start all over at the NBA level and there is a chance that he turns out to be a bust.

NBA teams have a short leash for failure, so if Calipari did make the leap, there is a chance that he would be out of a job in a season or two.

Regardless, he very well could be the best recruiter this sport has ever seen and he coaches for THE Kentucky Wildcats. The NBA may naturally be calling his name once the offseason goes into effect, but his place is at the college level.

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