Marshall Henderson’s Tweets on Michael Sam at NFL Draft are Off the Wall

By RantSports Staff

Since his days at LD Bell High School in Hurst, Texas to his freshman season at Utah, his “tenure” at Texas Tech and his defining seasons at Ole Miss, Marshall Henderson has been the ultimate pot-stirrer in college basketball. Just when we thought he couldn’t do anything more obnoxious, the NBA Draft hopeful went off on Michael Sam being taken in the 2014 NFL Draft and then kinda made up for it.

Anyone who is familiar with Henderson and/or follows him on Twitter knows he doesn’t apologize for anything; this is the kid who has flipped the bird to opposing fans on multiple occasions and been suspended for failed drug tests.

So do you really believe Henderson was conducting an experiment for his gay psychology classmate? If not, do you really believe he’s smart enough to come up with such an elaborate story to cover up his homophobic remarks? That’s the million-dollar question today.

As mentioned, Henderson has never shied away from controversy and never apologizes for his actions, regardless of their offensiveness. Thus, it’s odd to think he could help out a gay classmate with such a “social” experiment. Then again, creating such controversy the way he did with all the attention on him is right up his alley, so it’s anybody’s guess at this point.

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