Oklahoma Basketball Player James Fraschilla Trolls NCAA in Awesome Way

By Connor Muldowney
James Fraschilla
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

We all know just how crazy NCAA rules are sometimes when it comes to violations and “illegal benefits” — even if they are ridiculous. I mean, a coach can’t even give a player cream cheese to put on a bagel. Unreal. Well, one Oklahoma Sooners basketball player trolled the NCAA so hard on Sunday night that it made everyone laugh.

Playing Pop-A-Shot is an activity that everyone seems to love and James Fraschilla went out to play and win some harmless tickets from the game — or so he wondered.

I mean it’s a fair question, right? He did do the correct thing and tweet at his school’s compliance staff, so he should be all good.

Is winning tickets an NCAA violation? Here’s your answer:

The perfect response to a perfect question. Athletes know just how ridiculous some NCAA rules are and it seems like anything and everything is a violation these days.

Fraschilla took the subject lightly and joked around in an awesome way, trolling the NCAA.

Yes, he did dominate the Pop-A-Shot game and won a ton of tickets, but he wanted to know if he was violating some rule by winning a toy animal.

Answer: no.

Well played, James.

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