Academic Scandal at UNC Gets Even More Interesting Thanks to Rashad McCants

By Dan Parzych

Just when you thought the controversy surrounding the academic scandal with the North Carolina Tar Heels and their student athletes couldn’t get any worse–former Tar Heels basketball star Rashad McCants decided to open his mouth about what many of us suspected all along.

In a recent interview with ESPN’s Outside the Lines, McCants discussed how he took “sham classes” during his time at UNC and even admit to making the Dean’s List during the spring semester of 2005, despite not attending any of his four classes. As McCants described it, UNC had a “paper-class” system where students never had to attend class and only had to submit one term paper to receive a grade for the semester.

If what McCants described is true–this is absolutely disgraceful on North Carolina’s end.

While it’s easy to understand the competitive level of college sports, to see a school like UNC stoop to this level when it comes to helping their student athletes pass classes is absolutely embarrassing. There’s been plenty of scandals over the years surrounding college athletes when it comes to taking money, but to have an entire system that deprives these athletes of receiving the full education they need is even worse.

Of course, now the main topic of discussion will be whether or not North Carolina deserved to win the National Championship during the 2004-05 season since there was a good chance McCants would have been academically ineligible if Roy Williams and members of the basketball program didn’t switch up his classes.

On another note, at least Duke fans have more material to make fun of North Carolina with.

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