Wichita State Basketball Coach Gregg Marshall Makes the Right Call By Staying Put

By Eric Laboissonniere
Gregg Marshall Made the Right Call By Staying At Wichita State
Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Coach Gregg Marshall made the right decision by staying at Wichita State, despite being targeted by major schools in college basketball. Wichita State threw a decent amount of money at Marshall because they knew they could not lose him.

Every year after the Shockers end their season, coach Marshall’s phone is ringing off the hook with offers because many schools want him to take their program to success. The reason why everyone wants Marshall is because he can lead any band of teammates to success no matter who they play. Yes, the Missouri Valley Conference is a weak mid-major conference, but Marshall has made Wichita State a major school that can compete with anyone.

There was no way Marshall was going to leave unless the offer from a major school like Alabama was too big to turn down, and in the end he was right to stay put. The Shockers are coming off one of the biggest wins in school history against in-state foe Kansas. Ron Baker and Fred VanVleet still have one more season left before they graduate, and Marshall could not leave that dynamic backcourt behind. Baker could leave early for the NBA, but since Marshall is returning, so will Baker.

Marshall has something special going on at Wichita State, and there is no need to leave something great behind and go to a place that needs a lot of work. When the college basketball season begins next fall, Wichita State could be a top 10 team before the season starts, and Marshall is a big reason why.

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