Coach Fred Hoiberg Should Stay With Iowa State Basketball

By Eric Laboissonniere
Coach Fred Hoiberg should stay in Ames
Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

Coach Fred Hoiberg of Iowa State should not make a jump for the NBA, even though he is one of the top targets on many NBA teams’ wishlist.

Coach Hoiberg is the top target for the Chicago Bulls after the team fired coach Tom Thibodeau. The Bulls were one of the best teams in the NBA this season, but they could not get the job done down the stretch. Hoiberg could take over a pretty good situation in Chicago because the team has many great players and even a few star players, but this situation is not as ideal as being the head coach of Iowa State.

Yes, he would make far more money in the NBA, but he would deal with so much more pressure for the Bulls than he would in Ames. Hoiberg is absolutely adored at Iowa State, and he has taken this program to an elite level on the college basketball scene. Hoiberg has never won a national title, or even made the Final Four, but that could all change if he decides to stay in Ames for next season. Hoiberg is a genius on the offensive end, and he has found a way to attract many transfers in his time at Ames; many of those transfers have made a huge impact on his past teams.

Hoiberg has a life-changing decision to make this summer, but in the end, he will always be loved in Ames, which is why he should stay at Iowa State and try and win a national championship next season. Once he achieves greatness at the college level, then he should take a shot at the NBA.

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