Virginia Basketball's 2016 Class Is Good But Won't Win The ACC

By Geoffrey Knox

As an ACC fan, you have to enjoy this basketball renaissance that’s going on in Charlottesville. At times, they’ve felt like the best team in the country. At other times, they feel like the best team in the ACC, but just aren’t where they need to be yet. Still, at others, they seem like they’re on the verge of breaking through to basketball’s elite.

Here’s the thing. The Virginia Cavaliers are the third best team in the conference. They may not always show it and may not live up to the potential from game to game, but if you think about it objectively, who does?  They have the coach, the support and the players. They’re on the rise and the rest of the conference and country is on notice; however, following their most recent signing day, it appears the ACC tournament banner may need to wait at least one more year. That’s not a knock on them. It just is what it is.

The Cavaliers added two of the top 50 players in the country in Kyle Guy and Ty Jerome. They’re joined by fellow backcourt standout DeAndre Hunter. Ladies and gentlemen, that could potentially give them the best rotation of guards in the country. Of course, they have to be coached up and create some chemistry, but if anyone ended the day on Nov. 12 with those guys on the roster, they would and should be feeling good about things.

By the way, did we mention they also landed Jay Huff? That’s not a bad day at the office. The only problem is, as good as that class is, they’re still looking up at the Duke Blue Devils and the North Carolina Tar Heels. Once tip off happens, they could be looking up at them in the standings as well.

As stated before, this is an excellent class and Virginia will be fine. Unfortunately, they play in a conference with two of the most attractive landing spots for the best talent in the history of college basketball.

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