Louisville Basketball's Self-Imposed Postseason Ban Unfair For The Seniors

By Geoffrey Knox

Even if you’re not a fan of the Louisville Cardinals, this postseason ban has got to tug at your heartstrings. As great as they have the potential of being, Damion Lee and Trey Lewis probably weren’t going to catapult the Cardinals over the traditional powers of the ACC, but seeing as how both of the graduate transfers had a year of eligibility left, it would have been nice to see them get a shot. Unfortunately, that’s not going to happen now.

Ever since their arrival, they gave this Cardinals team a much-needed shot in the arm. Combined, they average just under 30 points a game, lead the team in minutes and have been nothing but class acts. Their effort makes you wish that there was some sort of statistical category for providing intangibles or showing heart. We know there isn’t, but just being a basketball fan makes you appreciate the effort. If you’re a Cardinals fan, you have to see these guys as your own (even if they didn’t begin their careers there).

What happened in Louisville and with their recruiting has been stated ad nauseam and doesn’t need to be restated here. We’ve heard what happened, seen the results  and actually owe Rick Pitino an apology. An FBI agent was called in to administer a lie detector test, and he passed with flying colors. Things happen in college athletics. Teams will always be punished for their actions, but seeing Lee and Lewis waste great seasons and ultimately get punished for something they had nothing to do with is one of the most unfortunate things we’ll see all season.

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