2016 NCAA Tournament Preview: No. 6 Seton Hall vs. No. 11 Gonzaga

By Trevor Lowry

Entering March Madness with a ton of momentum can mean everything.

Luckily for the Seton Hall Pirates, they have that momentum thing going for them, as they have now won four games in a row. Two of those victories came against teams ranked in the top five — just in case you were wondering.

Although momentum trains are what the dance is all about, Seton Hall will have to take on the Gonzaga Bulldogs in its first game of the 2016 NCAA tournament, and that is a huge blow. Side note: Gonzaga is riding a five-game winning streak into the tourney.

The Bulldogs might have done some serious disappointing this season, but they entered the year with serious hype, and they are in the dance — which is the only thing that matters.

What To Watch For

Isaiah Whitehead is a scoring machine and he has the 18.4 points per game to prove it. However, the Pirates also have three other guys who are putting up double figures in the scoring department.

As for the Bulldogs, a team that has been to the dance many times before, they have two players who are averaging 17 or more points per game. Those players go by the names of Kyle Wiltjer (you may have heard of that name a time or two) and Domantas Sabonis.


This is not the most talented Gonzaga team we have seen in recent memory, but it is still a good one, despite the fact that the resume could only earn it a No. 11 seed.

For all it’s worth, Wiltjer is still one of the best players in the tournament field, but Seton Hall is red-hot. This should be quite the game, a game where literally any team could win. However, let’s go with upset city.

Seton Hall 74, Gonzaga 77

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