Entire (Eligible) Kentucky Wildcats Team Will Declare For NBA Draft

By Jason Fletcher

The rules for the NBA Draft have been changed recently to where draft-eligible players can declare for the draft and have until May 25 to withdraw as long as they don’t sign with an agent. This allows the players more time to make a better educated decision on whether or not declaring for the draft is actually the best course of action.

The college basketball team that’s affected the most by this change to the rules is the Kentucky Wildcats. Every year John Calipari‘s team has a handful of players who leave for the draft, but more often than not, they’re not ready. By the time they realize it, the deadline has passed and they get into the NBA and aren’t ready to contribute significantly for a few years — i.e. Eric Bledsoe, Trey Lyles, Doron Lamb, etc.

With the rule change, Calipari made a not-so-shocking, yet hilarious, declaration on Twitter yesterday.

It makes a lot of sense as each player will get to go through nearly two months of the pre-draft process before making their final decision on whether to come back to college. This rule is the first step in trying to fix the problem that is the draft-entry process for the NBA.

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