North Carolina Basketball Academic Scandal Has New Developments

By Geoffrey Knox

It appears that the academic scandal involving the North Carolina Tar Heels has finally seen a new chapter written. Not much has happened since August, but now the NCAA has finally issued the program and university documentation. It outlines violations connected to the school’s long history of academic fraud.

There is no timetable yet for the school’s release of the Notice Of Allegations, and the university hasn’t made any formal statements. What we do know is the school’s case centers around independent courses that required no class time for many student athletes, and those same students were required to produce one or two papers in what was called the Afro-American studies department.

To make matters worse, this department wasn’t even run by any members of the faculty. Day-to-day activity was monitored by someone in the administration office. Whether it was turning a blind eye or poor monitoring by the university, GPA boosting went on for years. Students were ill-prepared for life outside of college athletics following graduation, but that didn’t appear to be a concern for school officials as long as everybody remained academically eligible and were able to show up on the football field or basketball court.

This is the second notice that the school has received. The first was an accusation of five top level violations. North Carolina had 90 days to respond, and the school provided more information to the NCAA in August. That held up the investigation for a while, but with this new notice, the wheels appear to be in motion again. At least three ex-athletes have filed lawsuits, and two are still pending in federal court. This appears to be a long way from over.

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