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RantSports Staff

Brown Tosses TD On Trick Play

The Pittsburgh Steelers pulled off one the best trick plays of the season with this WR reverse TD toss. Read More

Timmons Hurls On MNF

The Pittsburgh Steelers were playing so poorly on MNF that Lawrence Timmons couldn't stand it anymore. Read More

Steelers D Literally Makes Timmons Sick

Lawrence Timmons threw up all over the field on Monday, symbolizing the way the Pittsburgh Steelers' defense has played this season. Read More

PG-13 Returns To Court After Broken Leg

Believe or not, Paul George is back shooting jumpers after suffering a compound leg fracture on August 1st. Read More

Tristan Thompson's Kiss Being Taken Too Far

Some folks weren't happy when Tristan Thompson kissed Allie Clifton on national television, but it really wasn't as big of a deal as it's being made out to be. Read More

Perez Messes With Cain During WS Media Session

Kansas City Royals' C Salvador Perez continues his trend of screwing with Lorenzo Cain on camera. Read More

Bayless: Colorado Incident Gave Kobe 'Sizzle'

Just when you think First Take can't get any dumber, Skip Bayless says something like this. Read More

Steelers Own Ridiculous MNF Record

The Pittsburgh Steelers will try to extend their already ridiculous MNF record against the Houston Texans in Week 7. Read More

Tyson To Star In New Cartoon

Mike Tyson is set to star in a new cartoon, and as you could imagine, it's going to be real weird. Read More

L.A. Rams Set to Make a Comeback?

Why the St. Louis Rams are the most likely team to relocate to Los Angeles. Read More