UConn Women’s Coach Geno Auriemma’s Comments On Big East Are Hypocritical

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

  The outspoken women’s basketball coach at the University of Connecticut is at it again, opening his mouth and saying something dumb. Geno Auiremma spoke out about the seven Catholic schools decision to leave the Big East Conference. Here is what he […]

Providence College Hoops Team Honors Sandy Hook Elementary School Victims With Jerseys

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If there’s one thing we should know about the tragedy that occurred in Newtown, Connecticut last week, it’s that it will never be forgotten. Too many athletes and team’s have made sure of that. We’ve seen tribute after tribute for […]

Big East Conference Basketball Is Dead

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College basketball as we know it is going by the wayside. The Big East Conference, once the most powerful conference in college basketball will likely cease to exist as the seven non-football playing schools are expected to split from the conference. […]

Playing College Basketball On Aircraft Carriers Should End


Not every experiment works; for every successful one, there are probably hundreds more that fail. After what happened last night, the experiment of playing college basketball on an aircraft carrier needs to end. It needs to end because there are […]