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Jacob Kornhauser

Top 5 Destinations For Cardale Jones Next Season

Cardale Jones took the country by storm the last three games and capped off the season with a national title. Here are five places he could transfer to since J.T. Barrett still will likely start. Read More

Peyton Manning Has Played His Final Game

After the worst month of his career and another one-and-done playoff finish, it's really time for legendary quarterback Peyton Manning to call it quits. Read More

Top 25 Best Nicknames in Sports of All Time

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20 Easiest Athletes To Cheer For

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Johnny Manziel and 20 Athletes You Love To Hate

Athletes like Johnny Manziel polarize themselves from the public, and these 20 are the most unlikable in all of sports. Read More

Todd Bowles Could Be Hired After Bears Tab New GM

After the Bears hired Ryan Pace as their general manager, the head coaching search shifts. It may shift squarely in the direction of Todd Bowles. Read More

Rodgers Must Play Despite Slight Calf Tear

Aaron Rodgers has a slight tear in his calf, but that won't stop him from starting this weekend. After all, the Packers' playoff hopes all rest on his golden right arm. Read More

15 Fast-Rising Sports Franchises

There are several sports franchises that haven't been good in the past but are headed toward contention now. Expect these teams to win a title or two in the next few years. Read More

10 MLB Stars Who Could Be Traded Next Offseason

These 10 players will be free agents in 2017, which means they could be traded with one year left on their deals next offseason. Read More

5 Teams That Could Sign Suh In Free Agency

If Ndamukong Suh decides to leave the Detroit Lions like he's expected to, plenty of teams will be interested in him. Here are five teams that make a lot of sense. Read More