Logic, Not Math, Dictates Kentucky Will Beat UConn for NCAA Title


If you believe in the theory of transitive property, you have to be thinking that Connecticut will beat  Kentucky tonight for the NCAA national title. Transitive property, reduced to its simplest sports interpretation, is that if Team A beats Team B […]

Why The First Thursday of the NCAA Tournament is Best Sports Day of Year

NCAA Tournanent

Thursday is the first day of spring. That warm thought is followed by another warming thought, that this is also the hottest day of the sports year. Spring arrives at 12:57 p.m. in the Eastern time zone, coinciding with the […]

5 NCAA Cinderella Teams That Could Advance to the Sweet 16 and Beyond

GW mascot

5 Oscar-Type Awards For This College Basketball Season


Temple Basketball’s Fran Dunphy Will Bounce Back Like These 5 Ex-Owl Coaches


Louisville Basketball: Montrezl Harrell Proving He’s Capable of Leading Title Defense

Montrezl Harrell

For those who do not think Louisville can defend its national title, consider that not very many college basketball teams play anything close to resembling a structured defense. The Rick Pitino-led Cardinals not only showed that by way of their […]

Villanova Wildcats: Jay Wright’s 400th Win Illustrates Just How Good a Head Coach He Has Become


Pay attention, future athletic directors. If you want to make money for your school and have it ranked nationally in basketball, go get a young charismatic guy who can coach and recruit. Easier said than done, but Villanova followed that […]

Villanova Wildcats Showing Why They Could Be A Final Four Team


March Madness is a long time away, but file away the name Villanova in the back of your mind right now. Depending on the matchups, this is a college basketball team that has shown they can go a long way in […]

Villanova Might Be Most Surprising Unbeaten in College Basketball After Win over Rival St. Joseph’s


There are rivalries like the Iron Bowl in football between Auburn and Alabama, but there is nothing in college sports quite like the  college basketball “Holy War” between Catholic universities four miles apart on Route 30 in Philadelphia featuring Villanova […]