Irish Stun ’04 USC Trojans

By grant.brown

You may have missed it today, but the Notre Dame Fighting Irish shocked the 2004 USC Trojans today, with a huge 9-0 win.  The game was oddly not televised, but the Irish shocked the Trojans, and denied them of the 2004 National Championship.

The combination of Matt Leinart, Reggie Bush, and Lendale White were not enough for the Fighting Irish.  Notre Dame took down the undefeated USC Trojans, and spoiled took away their chances of winning a national championship.

When Notre Dame head football coach Ty Willingham took the coaching job, one of his major goals was to take down the rival Trojans, a feat that had not been accomplished since 2001.

Now, Willingham and the Irish can celebrate their unbelievable upset victory over the Trojans.

The Irish played their best game of the year, as they are now bowl eligible for their 2004 season.  Brady Quinn and his normally weak and ineffective offense put together their greatest game, and took down the Trojans.

Meanwhile, USC’s superstar backfield led by Leinart, Bush, and White was completely shut down in their stunning loss.  With the loss, it appears that USC is out of contention for the 2004 national championship, and will be unable to even participate in a bowl game during the 2010 and 2011 season, and will be stripped of 20 scholarships.

Also, the loss for the Trojans ensures that Kim Kardashian will never talk to USC running back ever again.

After the game, USC head coach Pete Carroll was seen writing out checks, with brochures for the city of Seattle on his desk.  Carroll was seen pacing back and forth in his office, while mumbling to himself, “I need to get out of here; I need to get out of here!”

Later, Carroll was seen talking to the Pac-10 officials about their 2005 matchup.

The stunning upset was a historical one as it was the first ever game played in mid-June.  Notre Dame athletic director Kevin White said he likes the mid-summer games, and thinks that format offers the Irish their best chance to beat the Trojans.  White was also wearing a Duke Blue Devils lapel pin while applying his “Just for Men” hair product.

The Notre Dame win give the Irish huge momentum as one of college football’s oldest and most historical rivalries continues on into the 2005 season.   The Irish hope to continue their success into the next season with another huge win.

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