Welcome to Gopher Bites, the new Minnesota Gophers Blog

By grant.brown

[picappgallerysingle id=”1298381″]Welcome to Gopher Bites, the Minnesota Gophers Blog dedicated to all things maroon and gold. The University of Minnesota is my alma mater, and I’m thrilled to be writing about the Golden Gophers.

That is, until I realized how stinky the Gophers football team is probably going to be this year. Yikes. I guess I’ll have my hands full – at least until hockey season.

This fall 2010 is the season, they say, that will make or break Gophers head coach Tim Brewster. Tomorrow night, the Gophers will take the field against Middle Tennessee State University in their first game of maybe the hardest schedule in all of college football.

And in true Minnesota form, tomorrow’s Gophers game won’t happen without a couple of setbacks. Two, to be specific, in the form of suspensions. Minnesota Gophers safety Kyle Theret and offensive lineman Dom Alford have been suspended from the opening game.

We don’t know what these Gophers players did to warrant suspension. We also don’t know how long the Gophers will be without senior veteran Theret or Alford. Suffice to say, the young, fresh-faced Gophers defense could have used Theret’s guidance.

Or maybe not, depending on what Theret did to warrant suspension.

At any rate, coach Tim Brewster has his hands full with the most difficult schedule in college football. What Brewster doesn’t need to worry about is superseding expectations for the Minnesota Gophers by their fans and critics alike – those expectations are in the toilet.

Here’s to hoping that the Minnesota Gophers will pull themselves together this year and show everybody a thing or two.

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