Indiana Hoosiers Get Trampled by Wisconsin Badgers, 83-20

By johndhani


That’s really all I can say for this game. It was a massacre. I just couldn’t bear any longer of watching this game. It got so bad, you could see a third-string quarterback scoring off a bootleg!

That was how bad the Indiana Hoosiers played today against the seventh-ranked Wisconsin Badgers in an away game.

I turned on the television to watch the game, see how it was going. It was 7-7. Good. Last week, Indiana fell short off a dropped pass by Damarlo Belcher as IU lost to the Iowa Hawkeyes, 18-13. But with a tied game at seven, I was hoping Indiana can make this game similar to what happened last week with Iowa.

It wasn’t even close.

I turned off the television as I had things to do. Today was probably one of the first times I never really saw a whole entire game of the Indiana Hoosiers. So I am came back, and the score was now 38-10. Was Indiana leading? I hoped so. But, no.

Right as I turned on the television, one of the Wisconsin’s running backs bursted out for what it seemed like 30-to-40-yard gain. I turned off the television again, furious. It was over.

As I returned back, it wasn’t much better. It was now 76-13! I couldn’t believe what I just saw. Wisconsin’s basketball team hasn’t managed to score that many points in so long! It was not pretty. Not pretty at all.

The Hoosiers were on offense. Back-up quarterback, Edward Wright-Baker, was in. Just as I turned it on, he dropped back to pass and he found Duwyce Wilson wide-open for a 62-yard touchdown. That cut the lead to 76-20. But Wisconsin came rolling back, as third-string quarterback, Nate Tice, scored on a 17-yard touchdown off a bootleg.

Wisconsin said they were just going to do a small run and then take a knee after that to end the game. But Tice found an open area to score. It was 83-20, and that basically ended the game.

Wisconsin scored the most points for a FBS school this year. They also matched the highest-scoring total for a Big Ten team in conference history, when Ohio State knocked off Iowa, 83-21, back in the year of 1950.

Replacing injured running back John Clay, back-up Montee Ball destroyed the Hoosiers defense, exploding for 167 rushing yards and three touchdowns. Quarterback Scott Tolzien helped out with 181 passing yards and three more touchdowns as the Badgers improve to 9-1 while Indiana falls to 4-6.

These were the most points scored by the Badgers since an 85-0 win over Marquette way back in 1915!

Freshman James White also helped, rushing for 144 yards and two touchdowns.

The Hoosiers could have made this a close game, but Ben Chappell left the game early with a hip injury. It was a huge blow to the Hoosiers’ offense. Hoosiers’ running back, Nick Turner, helped in the rushing game with 103 rushing yards. Wright-Baker threw for 64 yards and a touchdown.

Apparently, it’s sad to say that Indiana will not be going to a Bowl Game. I can see them easily beating the Purdue Boilermakers at the end of the season, but beating the Penn State Nittany Lions next week is going to be a very tough one. It will take a miracle to get over Penn State and Purdue to finish 6-6, possibly being eligible for a bowl game.

I hope it can happen, I really do.

But the odds are against Indy.

We’ll eventually see what happens.

But if it doesn’t, fans, we at least got basketball to look forward to now.

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