Ohio State President Trash-Talking?

By pauloconnor

There must be somebody in the media relations department at Ohio State that can convince University President E. Gordon Gee to keep his mouth shut. In statements to the Associated Press, in an attempt to defend the current BCS Bowl selection method, Gee seems to have taken a page from BP Oil in his approach to public relations.

Gee is a well known enthusiastic supporter of the current BCS Championship game over any type of playoff system. In an interview with the AP, he defended the current system, until of course that same system allows Boise State or TCU to crash the party. Both schools rank ahead of Ohio State in the sacred BCS rankings.

In the interview with the AP, Gee made some foolish comments- here’s a few of his gems.

  • On BCS conference schools schedules he said- “…it’s like murderer’s row every week for these schools. We do not play the Little Sisters of the Poor.” You might check out your own schedule Mr. Prez, your Buckeyes have beaten one top-30 team in the sacred BCS rankings- Boise State has beaten two top-30 teams and plays a third tonight when they take on Nevada.  TCU has knocked off two top-30 teams as well.
  • In 2007 Ohio State lost its last game of the season and dropped to No. 7 in the BCS rankings, a few upsets later and the Buckeyes were miraculously in the BCS Championship game. Gee’s take was, “I think I kind of like that mixed-up mystery.” No kidding- it put you into the title game like a lotto winner.
  • On the current overall bowl system he said, “It’s not about this incessant drive to have a national championship because I think that’s a slippery slope to professionalism.” This from the president of the richest athletic department in the country. Ohio State can make money- but nobody else can?

With Nebraska coming to the Big Ten next year the conference could land two spots in any type of playoff, increasing their chance of a national title. An expanded playoff system would give the Boise State’s and TCU’s a fair chance as well. Gee should be advocating a fair playoff instead of his “mixed-up mystery.”

Gee’s sentiments are the same over the top- what would the world do without the BCS bs I hear from the BCS executive director, Bill Hancock.

Hancock believes all other bowls would turn into an “overnight business trip,” if the BCS was scrapped in place of a playoff system. If you took four teams and had a playoff- I’m still going to tune into all the other bowl games during December, and I’m sure going to watch every game on Jan. 1 with my hangover.

Gee is a hypocrite and his words may backfire on him when the updated polls come out the next two weeks. Voters may hold a grudge against him. Americans like to root for underdogs and Gee is the Goliath trash talking to David, with nothing to gain.

One thing Gee has accomplished- the Rose Bowl will be a very intriguing match-up because if Oregon wins out and goes to the BCS Championship game- the Big Ten winner will play one of two schools- you guessed it- Boise State or TCU in Pasadena.

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