20 New Big 10 Rant Cheerleader Pictures

By pauloconnor

Your tweets landed in our nest, your likes landed in our server and your comments were heard. So by popular demand we bring you another pictorial edition of Big 10 Rant cheerleader pictures from Big 10 games, along with a few guest shots of the opposing pom-pom pouncer’s.

1. This is your proverbial-between a rock and a hard place.

2. Are those life-long Sparty tattoo’s?

3. Do we need to call NASA for this launch?

4. We think somebody either did play Oregon or should.

5. Hoosier enthusiasm can’t be topped!

6. A Purdue ballerina, er I mean, a Boilermaker.

7. This Wildcat cheerleader is helping kick some #@*.

8. Another Golden Gopher redhead!

9. Boilermakers, green grass and blue skies.

10. Gal’s- you’re on the shot clock.

11. Gotta Love’m, they still got it.

12. Wisconsin beat Florida State , but we noticed the Seminole sisters.

13. Hey- where is the rest of the sign!

14. The Illini won, but the Salukis won our heart.

15. Are these guy’s leading the team or do they owe #94 some money?

16. What does wobi mean?

17. Sad Nittany Lion eyes, I’m guessing Penn State is trailing.

18. Can a perched cheerleader look more relaxed?

19. The cheerleader weave.

20. The Badgers always do things in a big way.

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