Do Hawks Tweet? Of course they do. The first of a weekly segment...

By mitchsmith

Here’s the first of a weekly segment that I like to call “Hawk Tweets.” I’m going to keep a running list of the current and former Iowa players and coaches who have a twitter page. Each Thursday I will bring you some of their very best tweets. Without further ado, lets see what the Hawks are tweeting about…

Iowa men’s assistant basketball coach Andrew Francis (@CoachAndrewF) most recent tweet makes it sound like he is reaching out to Iowa fans for multiple reasons.

1) To support Iowa Basketball

2) To find him a girlfriend?

“reachin out to Hawkeye nation to continue the great support. Let’s continue to improve together. Also, Iowa is a tough place for single guy…But then again I don’t hangout, so guess that one is on me. Lol”


Iowa defensive lineman Adrian Clayborn (@AJaClay) spots a woman digging for gold.

“Riding down the highway lady digging all in her nose! Ms. u do not have tinted Windows!”


On a more serious note, Iowa junior cornerback Shaun Prater (@Shaun_Prater) is thinking about whether he should remain at Iowa or go to the NFL.

“Outweighing the pros and cons of the most important decision of my life…Thanking God for the opportunity he has blessed me with.”


Former Iowa tight end and current Oakland Raiders tight end Brandon Myers (@Bmyers83) is shocked that Stanford QB Andrew Luck has chosen to remain a Cardinal and not to go into the NFL Draft. I’d be more upset if the Raiders were actually bad enough this season to be able to draft Luck (there’s always next year…)

“Stanford must be one hell of a good time”


Last but certainly not least, former Iowa wide receiver Derrell Johnson-Koulianos (@DJ_Koulianos) gives us a look at his workout regimen. My question is, who is taking this picture?



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