Will Michael Floyd return?

By danmurphy

After a show-stealing, 109-yard and two touchdown performance in the Sun Bowl, it felt like Notre Dame had seen the last of Mike Floyd. Floyd left a pair of future NFL cornerbacks spinning in circles during an impressive first-half performance. But, now a week later and several days after teammate Kyle Rudolph announced his departure, Floyd has yet to mention the NFL or any future plans. Is it a good sign or a bad sign? That all depends on your perspective…

During the post-game press conference in El Paso, Floyd and Irish coach Brian Kelly both spoke his possible departure. Floyd seemed retrospective, talking about the great season he has had and the great experience under Kelly. The coach joked about getting Michael into offseason training quickly while making a pretty serious pitch to his star receiver: “Our offense runs through Michael,” Kelly said.

The Pessimist: Floyd had one foot out the door during that press conference and really who can blame him? He’s ready for the league.
The Optimist:If Kelly keeps campaigning, maybe Floyd will stick around to cement his spot at the top of the ND record books.

Access to anyone at ND has been limited since then, but luckily the magic of Twitter provides just enough information to keep us all on the edge of the seat.

[blackbirdpie url=”http://twitter.com/#!/floyd3/status/22437716612349952″]

The Pessimist: Yeah, decisions, What agent do I want? What shoe deal do I want? Where should I work out this month? He’s a goner.

The Optimist: Four days after the bowl game and he is at least taking his time to figure out what’s best, that can’t be a bad sign.

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The Pessimist: Well that really doesn’t mean anything, even if they both leave school Rudolph is “gone forever.” :(

The Optimist: Wait a minute, he’s upset that Rudolph left eary? Does that mean… It’s gotta mean… (crossing fingers)

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The Pessimist: Oh, relax, they’re both seniors, Floyd will probably be working out with him to get ready for the combine.

The Optimist: Gray is almost definitely coming back for a fifth year. More 1-on-1’s mean more practices. This might be for real.

[blackbirdpie url=”http://twitter.com/#!/floyd3/status/23228915879247873″]

The Pessimist: I’m reading this: “Yo screw all you guys, I wanna be a hot shot like Ian. I’m going to get paid.”

The Optimist: Haha, Amazing! Screw Ian Williams and screw going to the league. Franchise Floyd is back for another year. (Oh, sorry Ian I didn’t really mean screw you)

As time goes on it gets harder and harder to ignore the arguments of the optimist. I’m sure we have spent way more time reading into these tweets than Floyd has spent firing them out on his smartphone, but the evidence is stacking up that he looks comfortable in South Bend. If he does stick around, Floyd has a chance to be the all-time leading receiver as far as touchdown (already done) receptions (nipping at Jeff Samardzija‘s heels) and yards (a few games away from Golden Tate‘s mark). So it does appear there is a little motivation in sticking around.

The more time goes by, the more likely it becomes that Floyd is wearing a gold helmet next September. But, then again, this could all be shot down in a few hours with one quick announcement. And who could really blame him?

What do you think?

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