40 PSU football players post 3.0 GPA or better in Fall 2010

By michaelbarasch

There will always be those who will argue that NCAA athletes get unfair support from Universities when it comes to school work help. There are tutoring programs, extra time to make up work and exams due to school sanctioned excuses and in the past cheating scandals have been unveiled like that at Florida State.

However, at Penn State academic excellence is expected from all students and student athletes. GoPSUSports.com posted this morning that 40 of Penn State’s football players posted a Fall Semester 2010 GPA of 3.0 or better. This continues to show Paterno’s goal of not only turning these young men into great students, but also great citizens who can perform on the field and in the classroom. As a Penn State alum, I understand the stress of being involved in a major organization on campus having marched four years in the Penn State Blue Band. The practice/school work balance is tough to manage for many students whether they be in the band or in the pool. So I give my congratulations to all those students whether they be on the football team, Blue Band or chess club, who took their education seriously this past fall while representing Penn State on the grandest of stages and I hope you would too.

Link to article from gopsusports.com

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