KICKOFF CELEBRATION SPECIAL: A look inside Beaver Stadium

By michaelbarasch

For many Penn State football fans, walking through the tunnel in Beaver Stadium is a childhood dream. It is a walk that has been done by lion legends for decades. When you are given an opportunity to go through the tunnel and touch the Limestone walls, you don’t pass it up. I had the luxury of walking through the tunnel, well actually marching through the tunnel, as a member of the Penn State Blue Band for four years. The excitement and energy of the 110,000+ crowd makes the hairs stand on the back of your neck and each week you count down the minutes until you can feel the crowd erupt again. However, even as a Blue Band member, there are areas of the stadium that you may never see.

I was able to get an exclusive tour of Beaver Stadium from Bob White, 1986 Penn State football Captain and National Champion.

Take a look at some of the private places in the stadium we were taken to and some views in and from the stadium that you may never have seen before. (click on an image to enlarge)

The view from the field

View from the President's Box

View from the student section

Joe Paterno's private locker room

Another look inside Paterno's locker room

Inside the Penn State locker room

Another look in the locker room

Penn State locker room showers (notice the tall shower heads)

Pre-Game Procedures Board

The tunnel

If you have a chance to take a Beaver Stadium tour that is sponsored by the Sports Museum I highly recommend it. Although you would not be taken to these locations, it is still a great tour.

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