New Indiana Football Coach has Offensive Language Too.

By pauloconnor

Kevin Wilson was hired by Indiana as the head football coach based on his offensive reputation. A few Indiana resident assistants got an earful of his offensive language.

It seems that within the first week of being hired on Dec. 6, Wilson was returning to his private temporary suite at an Indiana dorm around midnight after having some pizza and a beer. After roaming around the dorm for 45 minutes Wilson came across the ra’s who were handling a situation concerning a drunk student. When Wilson asked for directions to his room, the ra’s told him to wait until they were finished with their matter. That’s when Wilson swore at, in front of the ra’s.

The ra’s reported the incident. Wilson apologized to the ra’s the next day.

First reports had Indiana athletic director Fred Glass satisfied with Wilson’s apology for swearing at the ra’s.  That has been changed slightly as Wilson now seems to be apologizing for swearing in front of the ra’s, not at them.

Glass also accepts Wilson’s version that he had one beer with his pizza and that Wilson was not intoxicated.

At least Wilson is carrying on the Indiana tradition of swearing at students that a former Hoosier basketball coach started.

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