Grin High If It's the Fighting Irish

By danmurphy

Earlier this week I came across a list written by ESPN the Magazine editor Gary Belsky of his top three athletic anagrams of all time. For those of you who opted for jobs instead of an English course in college, an anagram consists of rearranging the letters in a word to form other words. So, for example…

Pittsburgh Steeler’s Ben Roethlisberger becomes “Big Stern Rebel Hero”
Struggling NBA star Stephon Marbury becomes “Numbers Atrophy”
and young NHL captain Sidney Crosby becomes “Nerdy Ice Boss”

The anagrams couldn’t have fit better, so I decided to see what type of fun word games I could play with Irish sports stars past and present. Besides the three listed above, there are 12 anagrams thinly disguised in this post. Can you find them all?

A cackle o’ joy arose from Irish nation last week as Jack Cooley and the Irish basketball team continued to dominate the Big East. If the team keeps playing this will throughout March, they will be a serious threat to steal some of the football team’s shaken down thunder in 2011. At the very least, fans will no longer worry about the loss of Luke Harangody, who looks like a gory lunkhead.

However, when March comes to a close, spring football will be starting and the attention of Notre Dame fans will once again be focused on the debate over a starting quarterback. Some will have a set memory of Tommy Rees leading his team to victory at the end of last year. Dayne Crist, despite a pair of knees that have proven as reliable as candy tires, also has a claim to the job. And finally, Andrex Hendrix spent his freshman year on the sidelines, relaying plays in with a series of strange hand signals. If he plays well in April, he has a chance to become an ex-handwinder.

Whoever wins the job will have some great targets to throw to even without tight end Kyle Rudolph. Yep, Lord Hulk left us for the NFL, but Michael Floyd‘s body is a chiefly mold for a receiver and he will be around for one more year.

On defense, the Irish will be led by junior Manti Te`o who, along with his great individual performances last year, has proven he is really into team.

I am sure Charlie Weis cries awhile when he sees the talent at Notre Dame right now, but most fans know he is little more than a chili sewer at this point. Will Brian Kelly have what it takes to return the Irish to glory? Something about his name makes me think he has the Blarney ilk to get the job done.

Missing a few? Don’t forget to check the title. Keep reading to see the answers…

1) Grin High If it’s = Fighting Irish
2) cackle o’ joy = Jack Cooley
3) a gory lunkhead = Luke Harangody
4) set memory = Tommy Rees
5) candy tires = Dayne Crist (I smell a new nickname)
6) ex-handwinder = Andrew Hendrix
7) Yep, Lord Hulk = Kyle Rudolph
8 ) a chiefly mold = Michael Floyd
9) into team = Manti Te`o
10 and 11) cries awhile and a chili sewer = Charlie Weis
12) Blarney ilk = Brian Kelly

Can you think of any good anagrams that we missed? Let us know by leaving a comment or dropping us a line on Facebook or Twitter.

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