Still Recovering from Rhabdo, Willie Lowe asks for Release

By mitchsmith

Willie Lowe isn’t sure if he’ll ever play football again.

The senior defensive back was one of 13 Hawkeyes diagnosed with rhabdomyolsis after an intense January workout.

From the way it sounds, if Lowe does play football again, it won’t be for Iowa.

The Cleveland native has asked for a release in order to transfer to another school, according to Joe Schad of

“I would like to be able to sit out a year, regain my strength, feel fine and play again,” Lowe said in the article. “But I don’t know. I am still down 20 pounds and I am having headaches every few days.”

While all 13 hospitalized players have been cleared to practice, Lowe said only a few players are “back to full speed.” Two unnamed sources told that other players are still experiencing after-effects from the workout.

The University of Iowa conducted a 90-day investigation of the incident, concluding that a strenuous squat-lifting workout on January 20 was to blame for the syndrome. While the investigation noted that neither the 13 players nor anyone in the Iowa football program were to blame, it was suggested that the football program no longer include the squat-lifting exercise in its workout regimen.

Lowe has two career starts for the Hawkeyes and has recorded 23 total tackles in his three years with the Black and Gold.

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